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The large, one-bedroom apartment-class VIP. Located in the h
Sevastopol, Str. Sovetskaya, 8 1-room apartment , 3 guests 2051.6 per day
Large apartment with separate entrance in the center of the
Sevastopol, Str.Novorossijskaya, 18 2-room apartment , 5 guests 2637.8 per day
Sevastopol, Str.Gagarina, 14a 1-room apartment , 4 guests 586.2 per day
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Sevastopol, Str. Geroev Podvodnikov 1-room apartment , 4 guests 586.2 per day
Sevastopol, Ave Geroev Stalingrada, 60 1-room apartment , 2 guests 530.7 per day
Rent apartments from the owner 3rooms! To the sea-150metres!
Sevastopol, Geroev Stalingrada 53 3-room apartment , 7 guests 747.5 per day
The house is located at a distance of 250-300 meters from th
Sevastopol, Orlovskij plyazh (pos. Vyazovaya Rocsha) 1-room apartment , 2 guests 287.5 per day
Sevastopol, Krasnodarskaya 2-room apartment , 3 guests 1172.4 per day
Own apartment 1 room
Sevastopol, pr Oktyabrskoj Revolyucii 23/1 1-room apartment , 3 guests 1055.1 per day
Rent apartments to rent an apartment after the euro-repair,
Sevastopol, Michurina, 12 1-room apartment , 2 guests 1055.1 per day
Sevastopol, Str.Fadeeva 19, ulGagarina 1-room apartment , 4 guests 762 per day
Rent a house in numbers and entirely at any time (Sevastopol
Sevastopol, Str. CHercova 23 7-room mini-hotel , 18 guests 1172.4 per day
Cozy 2-bedroom apartment with private patio and parking, 5 m
Sevastopol, Terecshenko, 5a 3-room apartment , 4 guests 1465.4 per day
Квартира в центре с евроремонтом. Предоставляем документы дл
Sevastopol, Gogolya 34a, kv 40 2-room apartment , 4 guests 937.9 per day
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